The New School Tattoo Design has in the past few years gained a lot of popularity; the growth of the tattoo industry is a contributory factor to its massive popularity. The New School Tattoo has radiant colors which is one of its principal features. Clear pop of colors, massive strokes, bright inks as well as cartoon-like shape in the contemporary world is collectively referred to as New School: it has no particular design or standard designs, but whenever you see a new school tattoo, you will surely recognize it. Old school tattoos are easily identified; this is because of the use of mainly primary colors and the shading which is done in 2D while the new school consists of colors that cannot be found in nature and are extreme 3D: almost like the graffiti shading. However, New School Tattoos also incorporate old elements like owls, animals, gypsies or nautical, but most times, they also add scary themes like bubble lettering, zombies in cartoon forms as well as hip hop themes.

A lot of tattoo artists are currently embarking on an intensive exploration of the new school; this is because of the freedom they have to use techniques and subjects as well as the wide range of tools available for them to representing client’s ideas in tattoo designs. One cool characteristic of the new school its deviation from the conventional tattoo principles, they can have abstract concepts, can be extremely bold, and no care is given to check the style that is fit for the tattoo.

Also, although the new school might have evolved from the traditional tattooing with excellent 3D shading and brighter colors, it has currently assumed an entirely different form.

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