Seth Reynolds

Seth Reynolds is founder of the Funhouse Tattoo of San Diego. He began his tattooing career in his hometown of New York where he earned an illustration degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. Once Seth found tattooing to be his destiny, his growth in the industry exploded. In 1994 he moved to Ft. Lauderdale, FL with life long friend, Anothony Iannucci, to begin working at Funhouse Tattoo under the leadership of founder Kurt Hennings.

In 1999 Seth and Anthony headed west with the blessings of their mentors to open their own Funhouse Tattoo in San Diego, CA. Expanding into a new but similar market, Seth has opened the popular, trendy high end beauty salon in Pacific Beach, Paper Doll. Although he excels at all styles of skin art, he feels most at home when he is building masterful cultural tribal art pieces.


Tattoo artist

Seth Reynolds is a highly skilled tattoo artist known for his expertise in crafting Polynesian and tribal tattoos. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of these ancient art forms, Seth brings intricate designs to life on the skin of his clients. His passion for the cultural significance and symbolism behind Polynesian and tribal tattoos is evident in each piece he creates. Seth’s dedication to his craft, combined with his artistic vision, makes him a sought-after artist at Funhouse Tattoo.

Seth’s Portfolio