This applies to our Funhouse Tattoo process and etiquette only.

The process. From start to finish.

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Choosing Tattoo Details
Step 1

So from the time that you decide that you would like to get tattooed there are questions you must ask yourself, like what style, where you want it placed on your body, and how big you plan to go with your tattoo.

Tattoo artist selection
Step 2

Than you choose an artist that fits your style. At our shop we pride ourselves in setting you up the best artist for the tattoo. So you can choose via online portfolios and that artists availability or you can contact me at [email protected] and I will set you up with the best artist.

Consultation, preparation, communication
Step 3

From there you contact the artist via text or email through the website under artist to set up your free consult and go over your ideas. Once you have set a date for consult with your artist, you will prepare for your consult by gathering photos or drawings or saved online pics to share with the artist your vision so he can recreate it in tattoo form as accurate to your vision. If you do not live local or you will be here for a short vacation or your schedule simply does not allow this, other online arrangements can be made.

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Deposit, tattoo time, appointment
Step 4

At this time, right after your consult, the artist will require a deposit. The deposit will be equal to one hour of tattoo time and will be applied to your last hour of tattooing. The deposit holds all your future appointment dates and times and includes your drawing.

Approval, scheduling, preparation
Step 5

After the artwork is approved the artist will than schedule your tattoo date, or if he or she is booked out in advance may prebook your appointment and have you approve at a later date because they draw according to date of tattoo. In this case you will come in a day or so to approve and make changes. Don’t let this scare you because they do make time in there schedule for changes. This is where it helps to be prepared for your consult so you are both on the same page and rarely need changes.

Preparation, rest, comfort
Step 6

The day of your appointment you should be well rested and have had a good meal. This helps you to focus and relax for a more enjoyable tattoo session. Versus a night of partying than getting tattooed being the worst idea. It thins your blood and does not allow you to relax so it makes for a more uncomfortable tattoo session.

Punctuality preferred, options available
Step 7

At the time of your appointment the preferred time is punctual. The artist does a lot of prep work before the time of your appointment for your tattoo and is working on a schedule. So punctual is preferred and exceptions are made. Here you will fill out the digital release form on our iPads. Here you will also have a choice to opt for pain management tattooing via ointment and soap with lidocaine for a small fee.

Relax, communicate, enjoy

During your tattoo you only have one job and that is to remain still and relaxed while the artist works there magic and transforms your body into your vision. Talking is allowed unless your Italian and can’t talk without using your hands. (That’s a joke) but seriously you must talk without using your hands and remain still. If you can do that than your probably having an enjoyable talk with one of the amazing artists at our shop. We have flatscreen tvs in each both for visual stimulation to take your mind of the tattoo.

Tattoo aftercare essentials
Step 9

At this point you just received a great tattoo by a very skilled professional tattoo artist at Funhouse Tattoo. For our aftercare we carry and recommend the finest products. H2Ocean. We sell 3 sizes separately: there healing ointment, lotion, and soap. Also together in a kit for larger tattoos. Your artist will go in to depth on caring for your new tattoo. You can also view on our aftercare section of our website.

Payment and gratuity
Step 10

After your artist explains the aftercare process comes the payment process. This is when you would purchase your aftercare, leave a tip for the artist and pay the total. We accept cash, credit and debit as forms of payment. At this point at the checkout on the iPad you will have the option to leave gratuity for your artist. Gratuity in the tattoo industry falls in the the service industry line of tipping. These again are just guidelines to go by for people who are first timers or are unclear of how things work in our industry. Thanks for reading and Happy tattooing from Funhouse Tattoo!