Leo Cadenazzi

Leo Cadenazzi is the Senior Tattoo Artist of Funhouse Tattoo Pacific Beach. Professionally trained in art schools of his homeland in Brazil, Leo, a practicing Buddhist, brings to Funhouse Tattoo Studio a vast knowledge of art history and a deep understanding of the tattooing craft. Leo is experienced in a variety of tattoo art styles but specializes in black and grey realism.

Leo has spent a majority of his professional tattooing career at Funhouse Tattoos in Pacific Beach. Beyond his full clientele Leo travels to tattoo conventions and tattoo trade shows to display his work to audiences and to expose himself to other artists.


Tattoo artist

Leo Cadenazzi is a highly skilled tattoo artist at Funhouse Tattoo, known for his exceptional expertise in black and grey realism tattoos. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating intricate designs, Leo brings his clients’ visions to life through his artistry. His dedication to his craft and commitment to delivering top-notch results have earned him a reputation as one of the go-to artists in the industry. Whether you’re seeking a portrait, animal, or any other subject matter, Leo’s talent and mastery of black and grey realism make him the ideal choice for your next tattoo.

Leo’s Portfolio