Born in the frigid woods of northern Minnesota, Arty came into this world holding a pencil. From the beginning, art was a way to understand the world around him. Drawing was not only a way to escape but also to fit in. School days were spent drawing and a loving supportive family encouraged his creativity.

After graduating high school and enrolling in art school the universe chose him and put tattooing in his lap. His apprenticeship started in 2003 and all bets were off, plunging himself head first into what would become his lifelong passion. Heading west to California in 2006, Arty is here at Funhouse Tattoo, always ready and happily willing to make your tattoo dreams a reality. Specializing in making clean, solid tattoos in whatever style your heart desires since 2003.


Tattoo artist

Looking to get your next tattoo? Look no further! Book Arty, the talented tattoo artist at Funhouse Tattoo in San Diego, and turn your tattoo dreams into a reality. Whether you have a specific style in mind or need guidance, Arty will create clean and solid tattoos that reflect your unique vision. Don’t miss out on this opportunity – schedule your appointment today!

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