Check out Funhouse Tattoo’s of Month for May!

Giant Ship Side Piece by Hunter Scum


Check out this massive ship side piece done by the amazing Hunter Scum. This black and grey ship started out with only some grey lining and blocking in. This was done for a Marine who has been training in between target practice. So far this has been three sessions deep and orchestrating the healing time in between practice has been a very important task. Remember to get the best results take good care of your tattoo while healing! Hunter thoroughly enjoys working on some groovy textures and organic and geometric forms. To check out more of Hunters work click the link below:

Cat In The Hat by Alec Baurer

Our new school artist Alec tattooed this piece. The color in the background allows the cat in the hat to really pop. It’s a bright, colorful and fun tattoo. Alec loves tattooing things like this so if you are interested in contacting him or want to view his work click on the link below:

Polynesian Tattoo by Seth Reynolds

The owner of the shop, Seth Reynolds tattooed this gem on his client’s upper arm. Seth has an abundant amount of knowledge about the Polynesian art. He has clients from all over the world who come to him for this specific style. To view his portfolio click the link below:

Black and Gray Dragon by Leo Cadenazzi

This black and gray tattoo  was done by Leo, he specializes in black and gray along with traditional Japanese tattoos. The shading is very smooth and the lines are sharp. Leo has a gentle hand which made it possible for his client to sit for a long period of time without taking a lot of breaks. To check out more of Leo’s work click on the link below:

Darth Vader with Cherry Blossoms by Paulie Oliver

May the force be with you! This is a Star Wars tattoo on the foot still in progress done by Paulie. He is going to add two more character from Star Wars going up the leg surrounded by cherry blossoms. Paulie specializes in traditional tattoos but ventured out and produced this fun and creative piece. To view more of Paulie’s work click on the link below:

Sunflower on Shin by Janice Komar

Janice was the artist behind this master piece. It’s filled with a ton of bright colors, great texture and detail.

To view her portfolio or to schedule an appointment with Janice go to:

Skull and Roses Tattoo by Alec Bauer

Skull and roses in progress by Alec Bauer. Tattooed at the comfortable and clean Funhouse Tattoos in Pacific Beach, San Diego. The words “We Know” with a black hand print. A stylish chest piece in black and grey that will lighten up a bit once healed. Keep in touch to see the finished product.

To view other completed works by Alec: