The portrait tattoo is one that every lover of tattoo may want to give a shot. You can use the portrait tattoos to offer deserved dedication and appreciation to a person. These tattoo designs can be worn by anyone, regardless of their social personality. The portrait tattoo has become the preference of so many men and women alike due to some reasons. Outside the portrait of an individual, the portrait tattoo has other numerous forms of designs.

As earlier stated, people opt for the portrait tattoo for a lot of reasons. Common among other reasons is that the tattoos are worn to act as a memorial or dedication. As we sojourn through the journey of life, along the way we lose our loved ones; such memories may be preserved by wearing a portrait tattoo of such a loved one. A lot of people wear portrait tattoos that have their children on it – this is another common reason people use the portrait tattoo. You may want to use the portrait tattoo to give attribute to that special one in your life. These are all common reasons people choose the portrait tattoos.


There are different designs for the portrait tattoo. Some portrait tattoos display just the face of the person. Most of these tattoos have no background as some people feel it removes focus from the person on the tattoo; however, a theme may be added based on the wish of the bearer. Some others are designed with a frame just like the case with picture frames and may also bear the name of the person in the portrait, date of birth as well as the death date. Symbols and elements of the person may also be included. This is common in portrait tattoos which are worn in memory of the dead. Praying hands, angels or a cross may be used to for this purpose. People may also want to add an element or symbol the individual is associated with. For example, football may be included in the design if football was the person’s favorite game; if the individual had extra love for roses, a rose might be added to the portrait. Everyone has a personal passion for things, so you may put this idea into consideration whenever you need to wear a tattoo in memory of that special one. This will make the tattoo reflect just what you want it to, as well as keep the memory of that special one deep down.


Truth be told, you need a skillful and well-experienced portrait tattoo artist whenever you think of the portrait tattoo. It is not easy to tattoo a person’s picture, not even for a tattoo artist. Seek for an expert portrait tattoo artist and don’t trust any artist except you see their previous work and if possible get reviews from their clients. Some portraits tattoos are so stunning while there are a lot out there that are far from good, as they do not have a resemblance to the person. Certainly, you want the tattoo to have an exact look like the person tattooed, without a single error. So, you have to visit a portrait tattoo specialist if you want a great portrait tattoo.

Other things to remember before you put on a portrait tattoo

  • Take out enough time to make research on the specific tattoo you desire
  • Ensure you have acquired full knowledge of what your tattoo represents
  • Don’t be in a hurry to have the tattoo, so you don’t have regrets later on
  • Don’t get inked if you are not yet so sure. Be confident in your choice and have all your questions answered before you get inked