Custom Tattoo Design Process

How does the artist procedure work for creating custom tattoos? Research, idea drawing, concept creation and listening to the client are all part of it, yet what does the procedure really look like? We asked a local Pacific Beach, San Diego artist to give us some insight on his custom tattoo design process.

Stage 1: Concept Sketch

Being prepared makes all the difference! Invest some time and energy looking online or in magazines. The more you have with you to portray what you are envisioning, the better. I generally suggest looking at not only tattoo designs but also at photos of the subject matter.The first thing the artist needs to do is discuss the custom tattoo concept with the client. The more detail and info and references the client can give, the better for the artist. The significance of the tattoo, the feeling, and even the idea that the customer has in their own mind that they can’t put on paper themselves, are imperative for the artist understand and make sense of before he even draws anything. When he has gathered enough information to start, odds are he won’t create the final piece of art on the first draft, there will most like be a revision or two. A rough draft is needed to make sure that the artist has grasped the clients concept and is on the right track. Concept sketches can take the artist anywhere in the range of 5 minutes to 30 minutes. Once more, this is a first draft of the custom tattoo concept, but if the client has given the artist ample information and portrayed the overall feeling and concept then this sketch should get things off on the right foot.

Stage 2: Consultation and Tattooing

After the customer has an opportunity to take a look at the custom sketch, they will be able to tell the artist if they are on the right track or not. Changes and collaboration can be made now that there is an concept on paper. The artist alters the representation, sends it to the customer, who then may request more changes. once the client is satisfied with their custom tattoo design an appointment is made and the artist moves on to the the next stage of bringing the drawing to life!