HORIMIYA is a native of Osaka, Japan. His artistic quest started when he was growing up and drawing a lot of manga/anime characters. Long story short, Horimiya traveled through different parts of the world mastering his craft in Japanese style tattoos and somehow ended up in the beautiful city “the Whales Vagina” aka San Diego, California. Horimiya has started an apprenticeship at Funhouse Tattoo early 2010s and has found his way back to the Funhouse Tattoo Shop family.


Tattoo artist

If you’re in search of a remarkable Japanese style tattoo, you won’t want to miss the chance to book a session with the incredibly talented artist Horimiya at Funhouse Tattoo in San Diego. With his exceptional skills and expertise, Horimiya can bring your dream tattoo to life. Whether you’re looking for traditional Japanese motifs or a modern interpretation, Horimiya’s artistry will surely impress you. Don’t hesitate to contact Funhouse Tattoo now to secure your appointment and ensure that you get the opportunity to work with Horimiya on creating a stunning Japanese style tattoo that you’ll cherish forever.

Horimiya’s Portfolio