Tattoos are inspired by experiences or relationships or concepts so impactful that they need to be expressed and carried.

We had the pleasure of working with Jocelyn who recently had an encounter of a lifetime that made an impact so profound and meaningful she made the lifelong commitment of getting it tattooed on her body. 

While shark diving off the coast of Mexico near Guadalupe Island with wildlife filmmaker and conservationist, Joe Romeiro and Paul De Gelder, Jocelyn came face to face with a 17 ft “great white mega-shark” by the name of Bullet. According to the San Diego-based shark diving firm Island Charters that they were with, Bullet hadn’t been seen for 3 years prior to this dive.

Islander Charters: Great White Shark “Bullet”, Mega Female

Our divers had the thrill of a lifetime! Meet ‘Bullet’, a female Great White Mega Shark. She’ll rock your world – literally! Taken with us aboard the ‘Islander’ at Guadalupe Island by guest Nancy Lasuzzo on 10/12/19. Best with sound on.
Unbelievable, love BOTH of their big smiles! We LOVE sharks!

Bullet is playing with the float on topside of the cage and was not harmed except for a chipped tooth. Not to worry, she’s got hundreds to spare!

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Posted by Islander Charters, Inc. on Tuesday, October 15, 2019

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Meaningful Experience in a Tattoo

To the thrill of Jocelyn and her underwater cage companions,  Bullet swam past the cage before biting the metal structure they were in a few times and thrashed back and forth as any curious, good ol’ great white might. The massive female shark then released and casually resumed swimming as if nothing has ever happened. 

But for Jocelyn, something very special had happened. She had come face to face with one of the most famous, elusive, and powerful creatures in the world in its natural habitat. Joceyln was so moved by experience with this remarkable creature a the deep that she had it memorialized with a tattoo. 

She came to Funhouse to create the perfect piece that would embody the majesty of Bullet and provide the physical reminder of her profound experience. Working with Funhouse Tattoo Owner, Seth Reynolds, he created a Polynesian style tattoo depicting Bullet in a glorious curve on her right hip that extended from her upper waist to outside of her thigh. 

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We are honored to have worked with Jocelyn to create this body art that will stay with her as a reminder of her incredible and life-changing experience. 

Polynesian Tattoos

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