Tattoos are eternal markings that most people choose to get. The procedure is done via a tattoo machine used to place pigment carefully into the dermis of the skin. The layer of tissue which rests beneath the epidermis is called the dermis. After acquiring a tattoo, the outer layers of skin absorbs most of the pigment and starts to heal. Because the body at the outset treats the tattoo as an impurity, tattoos are everlasting.

Getting Rid of a Tattoo

Tattoos can be detached in a painful and costly procedure. The process utilizes lasers to break down the ink to ensure that it gets absorbed by the body. Darker colors (like dark blues and black) can be broken down easily, but brighter or light colors (like yellow or pastels) are much harder to break down. In fact, tattoo removal techniques may not completely take out a tattoo and could cause disfiguration. Most tattoo colors can break down into poisonous chemicals during tattoo elimination and might not be removed because of it.

Why People Are Covering a Tattoo

  • So many people choose to cover up an old tattoo instead of trying to remove it. You may want to cover up a tattoo if:
  • You have an ancient tattoo that you made when you were a teenager and do not like anymore.
  • You’ve got a tattoo that was poorly imprinted on your body.
  • You would like to have a particular type of tattoo made for you, but you already have ink in the position where you would like it imprint it.
  • The tattoo you have already has lost its meaning.
  • You dislike the pattern or design of your tattoo.
  • The act of covering tattoos is very common because so many people are doing it.

Tips for Covering Up Tattoos

If you are trying to cover up an old tattoo with another, use these tips to make the process stress-free for you.

To cover up old pieces of ink can be time consuming; sometimes it will require several sessions to ensure it is done perfectly. Prepare for the time you will need to put into it.

If you are covering a tattoo due to dislike or because it no longer holds meaning, think through it and ensure that your newest tattoo holds meaning to you.

A lot of tattoo artists are now utilizing the ‘white out technique’ for hiding tattoos. The procedure includes using white ink over darker colored tattoos to lighten up the coloring. This method can use up several sessions to be done efficiently.

Bear in mind, do not conceal an old tattoo with white ink because you might want to get it removed in the future.  Presently, the most current laser removal technology can’t remove white ink competently.

Scarring can happen easily when you’re covering up a tattoo unlike when you’re getting a new one made.

Due of the nature of concealing a tattoo, it’s highly likely that you will need touch ups to ensure the old piece does not shine through your fresh tattoo.

Ideas For Cover Ups

Small tattoos can be covered easily. You can also integrate a smaller tattoo to a larger piece. Doing so will be stress-free than working to conceal the piece.

Tattoo ink can be somewhat transparent. Contemplate on the colors that’ll match your former piece if it shines on through.

If you have smaller pieces on your back that you would like to conceal for reasons best known to you, contemplate on getting a larger piece done to conceal it.