Tattoos can blur, fade, and change over time for so many reasons. As the skin changes over time, scars, wrinkles, and stretching can interfere with tattoos. Tattoos that are in locations that get lots of action, like feet and hands, tend to fade away more quickly. The sun also causes damage to it by changing a once vivid image into a faded, lifeless tattoo.

Renewing a tattoo is the act of turning that old, blurry, faded or bad tattoo into one that is brighter and better. Refurbishing is not just a cover-up; it’s all about keeping the original tattoo design, it is a procedure that enables it to shine again. It is often called “freshening up” or “touching up” and nobody does San Diego Tattoo Refurbishment better than Funhouse Tattoo.

There are various levels of tattoo renewals. You may need darker outlines, or to deepen the colors. If a tattoo is incomplete, one of Funhouse’s skilled tattoo artists can get it done by adding details, or incorporating new elements to ensure that the tattoo looks precisely like what you have in mind.

In addition to having the best tattoo artists from San Diego, Funhouse Tattoo has the machinery to touch up and upgrade your tattoo. Technologically speaking, the needles and ink today are considerably more innovative than ten years ago, so if you’ve wanted to freshen up, procrastinate no longer.

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