Aztec tattoos are mixture of mythology and nature. In ancient times, Aztecs were worshipers, their calendar was based on Sun as central figure. Another famous figure of Aztecs is eagle that can been seen in many artifacts discovered today. The beauty of Aztec tattoos is the intricate designs, which is the perfect example of rich beliefs and culture. Aztec’s irresistible charm is worth copying, a masterpiece by itself.

When a civilization is rich with culture and social structure, their art is also rich. The Eagle and Sun God are considered among the powerful entities in culture of Aztecans. According to science, Aztecs were scientific and knowledgeable civilization, known for their calendar. There are only few of the tribal tattoos that remind us of ancient culture, and Aztec is among these. They worshiped many forms of nature that can be seen in the tattoos in their artifacts. The central theme of Aztec tattoos are Sun, plants, fire, Eagle, and the eye of Sun God. If you are looking to have a tattoo, Aztec is among the best artifact to have on your body. Some of the famous Aztec tattoos are as under;

  • Aztec Culture: It’s an architecture of temple and calendar, having a unique and beautiful design that most people would like.
  • Blending of multiple art: Polynesian mask motif can be made using various traditional Aztec art forms.
  • Traditional Aztec: It has a traditional look that is designed in intricate lines and very neat.
  • Art and Science: It’s a combination of fantastic Tattoo art by giving shapes around Aztec sunlight theme.
  • Nature’s Bounty: Various bounties of nature combined artistically in Aztec tattoos.

Traditional Tattoos

Traditional Tattooing has been part of many cultures since ancient times. Many traditions tell their ways of living by displaying tattoos in their own way. There are many type of tattoos, some tell us about Gods and other tell us about heroes of the past.

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