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Funhouse Tattoo & Piercing is one of the best tattoo and piercing studios in San Diego, CA. We are a group of artists experienced with all styles and types of tattoo art. We bring a unique approach that ensures the fullest satisfaction from our customers.

Whether you are looking specifically for a Polynesian tattoo artist, Aztec tattoo artist, Japanese tattoo artist, or traditional tattooing, we provide the highest quality body modification in a fully sterile setting. We specialise in custom ink tattoo work by award winning artists who specialize in all types of art including old school tattoos, Polynesian tribal tattooing, Graffiti, Fine-line, New School, Black & Gray, Mexican-Aztec, Realism, and Portrait tattoos.

We offer custom tattoos that are tailor made to match the vision of our customers. Our goal is to provide state of the art tattoos and body modifications to facilitate the personal expression and individual creativity of each of our clients.

Unique San Diego Tattoo Shop

As one of the most unique tattoo shops in San Diego, you will notice a wide range in our styles that allows us to provide our customers with exactly what they are looking for. Whether you are searching for the perfect tattoo design or you have one already made, we can provide outstanding tattoos Pacific Beach and San Diego customers will enjoy.

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We welcome your visit to our tattoo shop and we are conveniently located at 1453 Garnet Avenue, San Diego, CA, 92109. Contact us for more information by calling (858) 483-7828 today.

Top Tattoo Artists In San Diego

Leo Cadenazzi Tattoo
Leo Cadenazzi

Professionally trained in art schools of his homeland in Brazil, Leo brings to Funhouse tattoo a vast knowledge of art history and a deep understanding of the tattooing craft.

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Seth Reynolds Tattoo
Seth Reynolds

Seth Reynolds is founder of the Funhouse Tattoo locations of San Diego. Although he excels at all styles of skin art, he feels most at home when he is creating masterful cultural tribal art pieces.

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Skott Kautman Tattoo
Skott Kautman

Skott is an award winning Tattoo artiste with 17 years experience under his belt. Specializing in Black and grey, horror and many diverse styles.

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Paulie Oliver Tattoo
Paulie Oliver

Paul knew at a young age exactly what he wanted to be when he grew up. He wanted to be a tattoo artist. Having always been exposed to the world of art, and body art in particular, he knew that this was where he belonged.

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Roger Solis Tattoo
Roger Solis

I have been tattooing for 8 years. If one were to ask me my Tattoo “style” I would say Black and Gray. Though, I really love to do all types of tattoos.

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Daniel Thompson Tattoo
Daniel Thompson

Originally from Arizona, specializing in custom, detailed pieces Daniel began his tattooing career in San Diego.

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Ei the Apprentice
Ei the Apprentice

Apprenticing at Funhouse Tattoo San Diego for nearly a year, Ei’s style and determination makes him one of San Diego’s up and coming top tattoo artists.

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